Crochet Machines
The Crochet Machines primarily depend on the material that needs to be knitted, for instance, elastic material has a different crochet machines while lace material is knitted with a different type of crochet.
Needle Loom & Jacquard Machine
There are Needle Loom & Jacquard Machine offered by us that is mainly composed of gear mechanism, needle picking mechanism and computer control system. Jacquard loom is weaving machinery for weaving looms generally used in the weaving of various kinds of elastic jacquard tapes.
Braiding Machinery
We are offering here the Braiding Machinery that interlaces three or more strands of yarn or wire to create a variety of materials, including rope, reinforced hose, covered power cords, and some types of lace. Braiding materials include natural and synthetic yarns.
Crochet & Needle Loom Spare Part
There is a wide range of Crochet & Needle Loom Spare Part offered by us that are made for use in the various machines. These machines are compact and adopt a yarn bobbin creel, which makes it simpler and more convenient.
Preparatory Machines
Preparatory Machines are offered by us that are also known as pretreatment, consists of a series of various treatment and rinsing steps critical to obtaining good results in subsequent textile finishing processes.

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